Chapter 1

Jesse J Elliot

The weather was warmer than usual for late fall in New Mexico. The sky was a rich blue with white, feathered fronds of high clouds. While enjoying the view from the windows, Daniel turned to his wife, “Sure you remember Alonzo, Pru,” the soft spoken man said, “he was the one who passed out with cousin Bobby in your mother’s azaleas during our wedding,” Daniel looked to see if his wife remembered the man who accompanied Cousin Bobby everywhere. His sister, Iragene Jones, the sheriff of Los Brazos County just shook her head, “Who can forget those two?”

            After a moment, his wife, a striking Texas belle with mahogany hair remembered, “Oh, yes, Ah do remember Alonzo, and Ah recall Mother being quite upset about her azaleas. Ya’ll say he and Bobby are inseparable?”

            “Have been since they were kids. Their families were friends as far back as when Texas was its own Republic,” Daniel responded.

            “I always wondered,” Iragene asked, “how does Alonzo earn a living? His family lost everything during the War.”

            “Alonzo earns his keep looking after our cousin. He’s a good man, can ride almost as well as Bobby, and is one of the few men that can hold his liquor and keep up with our cousin. I guess he’s on the Montague payroll.”