In the New Mexico Territory in 1880, two men commit a heinous crime, the scalping of a young woman.  Soon after, other members of the community near the Manzano Mountains begin to experience freakish aberrations, including one settler’s cattle being found dead with their tails and ears missing, a family being exposed to plague, and another family being mysteriously poisoned.  With a recalcitrant sheriff, the locals are forced into vigilante tactics in order to protect themselves and in an attempt to save their community from experiencing more of these gruesome events.   A young woman, Iragene Jones, and her family are reluctantly drawn into the investigation of this wave of terror.  In order to stop it, the Jones family must first resolve their own imbedded conflicts of prejudice, jealousy, and trust. In the shadow of the Manzano Mountains, Iragene Jones, her family, and lover are forced to take on a gang of ruthless and rapacious land grabbers.

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