One Room Schoolhouses

by Brian C. Mack (Author)

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This sentimental yet scholarly look at an American institution preserves the one room school story before it vanishes forever. Once there were over 100 one room schools scattered throughout Morgan County, Colorado. Of the few that remain, most are in advanced stages of disrepair. These schoolhouses were often products of the Homesteading Act, when federal lands were opened for settlement. The farmers and ranchers who came to stake their claim all wanted their children to be educated. Morgan County was a region abundant in Homesteads. One-room schools, usually built by the community, were constructed every two to four miles. Generally, one teacher was hired to instruct grades one through eight. For over 75 years (from 1889-1965), these lonely sentinels of Morgan County provided education to that era’s youth. Using a mixture of past and present photographs, this book is the ultimate resource for a comprehensive study of the one room schoolhouse through the microcosm of Morgan County.